Investigating World Cultures: A Systems Approach

(Course now in preparation, partially complete)

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Download links:

Overview for Teachers and Mentors (0.6 MB)

The following files contain both learner materials and notes for teacher or mentor. On request, we’ll supply links to files with learner materials only.

Unit 1: Introduction to Cultures  (1.4MB)

Unit 2: Systems and Societies (2.5MB)

Unit 3: Setting (3.3MB)

Unit 4: Demographics (1.7MB)

Unit 5: Action Patterns (1.2MB)

Unit 6: Shared Ideas (2.7MB)

Unit 7: System Change (1.6 MB)

Units 8-12: Social Control, Status, Cultural Interaction, Change and Stress, etc. (Available O/B summer 2017)