Testimonials & Reactions

Reactions to the curriculum-integrating approach elaborated on my website:

"If there is anything like a magic bullet for education change it is Marion's work. Ever since I discovered it, I feel like all other efforts amount to dabbling around the edges of significant change. Marion clearly sees what is wrong and what fundamental change--I purposely did not say changes--has to take place to pave the way to a bright future. I say this after over forty years of work in this field."-- Dr. Frank Alessi, Vestal, NY

"Experiences using Connections: Investigating Reality" by Dr. William Webb 8/16/2011

"You've built a better mousetrap--an approach to curriculum that parallels the way we learn in the early, productive years, a curriculum that can make a profound difference." - John Snyder, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1989 Nevada Teacher of the Year

"I have used (your approach) within formal education institutions with students and faculty, and with informal educators. Both groups have the same reaction: "Of course! This makes sense. Why weren't we all taught this way?" - Martha A. Henry, Ed. D., Senior Associate, Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory, Eisenhower High Plains Consortium for Mathematics and Science

"I've been practicing your approach to curriculum organization with my Merck KgaA and Roehm business English students here in Germany with tremendous success." - Margaret Ann Doty - freelance Business English trainer, Darmstadt, Germany

"No fancy gear or new jargon. You're showing us how to use natural organizing principles to help students grow as learners." - Seth! Leary, Principal, Springhurst School, Seattle, WA

"Your thinking about curriculum is cutting edge, pointing the way in which we must move. Bravo!" - Jane McGeehan, CEO of Susan Kovalik & Associates and Books for Educators

"I am a consultant and trainer. There have been several references to your work on the "learning org" and "training and development" lists. These references have almost invariably been about how some facet of your work has prompted greater understanding of the dynamics of learning."- Daniel L. Barkley, Performance Dynamics, Inc., Roosevelt, NJ

"Your thoughts have been stimulating." - Gene Bujalski, Organization Development Consultant, Computing Devices International

"I find your curriculum proposal very interesting....I certainly believe the cognitive state element is important. Our crumbling educational edifice here in the UK was reinforced a little by an introduction of this kind of discipline into the National Curriculum." - John Peters, Editor, The Learning Organisation Journal, Red Swan Consultants, Leeds, England

"I am organizing a symposium on teacher development for integration within the next ISATT conference in Keil, Germany, where I am working at the Institute for Science Education. It would be very helpful if you could send me reprints of (your) journal articles." - Dr. Klaus-Henning Hansen, Institut fuer die Paedagogik der Naturwissenschaften, Keil, Germany.

"Students recognize unconsciously that there is something missing even at the graduate level in the classroom environment. Your discussion resonates with them as they struggle to integrate the classroom with the real world." - Barb Stuart, University of Colorado

"My little printer is exhausted from printing out your incredible posts. What a treasure! I've been asked to head up a new multiage 7-8 team next year. This may be a chance to make some significant changes in structure." - Jean Spanko, Mountainside Middle School, Scottsdale, AZ

"I believe that your book (What's Worth Teaching?)...is one of the most important ever written."- Dee Goldbergh, Spring Ranch ISD, Houston, TX

"As a result of an education summit at Casper, Wyoming last month, a listserv was set up for educators of Wyoming. Do you mind if I post some of your material to this listserv to help us create some dialog?" - Allen Kasput, Roosevelt High School, Casper, WY

"As a contributing editor of the NASSP's Curriculum Report, I want to invite you to submit a manuscript for our publication. (It) is sent to 40,000 secondary school principals." - Ray Calabrese

"I have circulated a translation of one of your articles at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey at the Morelaos Campus in Mexico. It was really appreciated by the academic community where I work. We are supposed to be the 'spearhead' of quality education in Mexico. I would really appreciate it if you would send me a list of other articles you have written." - Enrique Fuentes, ITESM, Cuernavaca, MX

"May I use your (statement of educational objective) as a quote at the start of my management training seminars?" - John Sleigh, Head, Making Learning Fun, Potts Point, NSW, Australia

"I teach a graduate level course entitled, 'Planning and Administering the Curriculum.' You nail what I have been trying to lead the class to understand right on the head." - Gary Alexander, PhD., Boise Graduate Center, University of Idaho, and Creative Learning Technologies, Inc., Boise, Idaho

"I have a dog-eared copy of What's Worth Teaching?, and reflect on your ideas daily as I work with teachers who are trying to change curriculum, instruction and assessment in their classrooms. I consider you one of the great educational thinkers of our time." - Angela Peery, Exemplary Teacher on Loan, Horry County Schools Office of Curriculum, Myrtle Beach, NC.

"Thank you for your work. I have a particular interest in how quality curriculum impacts positively on student behavior." - Alex Stephenson, Guidance Officer, Department of Education, Victoria, Australia

"As I read your stuff, I say to myself that if I had been in that kind of educational environment, perhaps I would have gotten more out of school." - Chip Brown, Assistant Principal, Conway High School, Myrtle Beach, NC

"You have a gift for discussing the complex in simple language, without relying on the layered assumptions of standard eduspeak. I hope you have reason to make more of your thinking available." - David W. Zuckerman, Center for Alternatives in Education, West Nyack, NY

"I am really attracted to (your work). Have you had any receptive audiences in the corporate world?" - James P. Tilley, USI/IBM Corporation, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I am amazed at how much I see faculties do that displays our 'unconscious incompetence.' How frightening it is to move to 'conscious incompetence.' That's really what you're saying we have to do." - Bob Barkley, National Education Association-NCI

"With your permission and acknowledgement, I would like to use your term 'seamless curriculum' and its connection to thinking with education students who will be accredited as middle school teachers." - Val Baldwin, Course Coordinator, Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

"Thank you for your ideas. I have been trying to get my preservice music educators to begin to think holistically." - Karen Fredrickson, Queen's University, School of Music, Kingston, Ontario

"An hour ago I stumbled across your webpage. In 10 seconds I will be ordering your book. Thank you." - Phil Jones, Teacher, Potter Valley, CA

"Thank you for your great information about transdisciplinarity. I ended my book about interdisciplinarity with an emphasis on your idea. In Hungary, interdisciplinarity is a big step. Tradition is a difficult thing." - Vass Vilmos, Centenarium Altanos es Szakiskola, Budapest, Hungary

"I loudly applaud your wonderful insights." - Joseph L. FitzPatrick, College of Education, University of Delaware

"Drowning in a quagmire of our district's obsession with 'improving' standardized test scores, your comments are a life raft. Thank you." - Gail D. Paulin, TUSD Science Resource Center, Tucson, AZ

"Thank you for putting your work on holistic education on the www. Your ideas are intriguing. I teach graduate level courses on curriculum theory and history." - Dorothy Vasquez-Levy, PhD, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

"Terrific! A friend downloaded some of your material and gave it to me to read today. I took it to a state board meeting to read during 'downtimes.' It was very tempting to interrupt the meeting and demand that they listen to your message." - Irene F. Brock, English/Language Arts Coordinator, Indiana Department of Education, State House, Indianapolis, IN

"I took the liberty of making your webpage address part of my Christmas message to virtually my whole e-mail address book. I said: 'In case you have not met Marion Brady via internet or other means, I strongly suggest you read his webpage for a view of education that transforms its value to today's Americans. The few minutes you spend reading Marion's thoughts will be your best investment this Christmas." - Sam Welch, Alpine Terrace, Cinncinnati, OH

"I publish the Brain Based Education Networker. Could I reprint something of yours? - Wayne Jennings, PhD, Chairman, Designs For Learning, St. Paul, MN

"I am enormously impressed by the originality of your work." - Wells Foshay, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

"How can I help?" - Franklin P. Schargel, President, Schargel Consulting Group, Massapequa, NY

"I recently stumbled on your home page. I have not come across this position before and find it very interesting. Are you the only advocate of this approach?" - Russell Butson, Otago, University, Dunedin, New Zealand

"Would it be OK if I quote you in our Doubts and Certainties newsletter?" - Donna Gold, NEA Center For Innovation

"You give voice to what I have said, in less coherent fashion, many times. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Leni Donlan, Director, Training and Curriculum Development, Internet Catalyst

"The questions you raise and the directions of your explorations are very interesting." - Paul R. Messier, President, National Learning Foundation

"I am in the process of developing a . . .Hawaiian K-12 model of education that brings together the best of 21st century pedagogy. . . and would like to use your model as a basic organizer. . ."- Ku Kahakalau, Hawaii

"All the way over here in Western Australia we're currently going through the highly controversial shifts in education you seem so comfortable with. . . My work seems a bit off-cue now that I've read 'A Seamless Curriculum.' Thanks for publishing so much on the web."- Scott Robertson, English Department, Ursula Frayne Catholic College, Victoria Park, Western Australia

"I came across your work on the K-12 Euro list. Here in Turkey I work for Apple Computers trying to help educators. During a conference in May in Ankara we will be demonstrating model classrooms. May we localise your "relationships" applet and use it?" - Fulya Sari, Ankara, Turkey

"I am an education honours student at the University of Technology, Sydney, Autralia. Upon finding your website, I felt as though I had struck gold." - Georgia Lewis, Syndey, Australia

"Received your homepage address via a schoolteacher friend. Am enormously impressed. Filled me with excitement, energy and hope for the future. Am a psychotherapist . . . this lightens up my perceptions of what's possible for my clients, for me." - Bart Welten, Australia 

"Wow. What an extremely interesting and helpful message about how you introduce systems thinking. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - John Gunkler 

Your teaching methods were exactly what worked for us – it “clicked” with me as being the most appropriate way to introduce history to youngsters who loved stories and making connections. Your method brings subjects to life. Your curriculum generated a lot of discussion, and – ultimately – a deep love of history shared by my sons. Your methods of teaching challenge young students to think and to be active learners – a true gift for young students. Claire Larson