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Problems with standardized tests
Problems with the core curriculum
Educational Aims
Core- vs. systems-based learning
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I began my career in education in 1952, teaching in a semi-rural high school in northeastern Ohio. Since then I've taught at every level from 6th grade through the university, been a county-level director of instruction, teacher educator, consultant to publishers, states, and foundations, contributor to academic journals, author of textbooks, professional books, and courses of study, newspaper columnist, and visitor to schools across America and abroad.

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There will be no significant improvement in learner and school academic performance until systems theory and thinking replace school subjects and disciplines as the primary organizer of information and general knowledge.


Introduction to Systems

... eliminates the fragmentation of traditional core (language arts, science, social studies) courses.

In sequenced, "hands-on," jargon-free, real-world activities based on General Systems Theory, Introduction to Systems helps learners construct a comprehensive, easily-understood, permanently useful conceptual framework or mental model for describing and analyzing phenemona. Read more ...

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Introduction to Systems

Investigating American History Investigating World History
Investigating World Cultures Introduction To Civic Systems


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