Part 2: Primary Sources and Complex Thought

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Part 2: Primary Sources and Complex Thought - Let's Talk about it!
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Ignacio - 10/23/2014

I teach World History at Escuela del Sol (private) and CPEM 28 (public) in San Martin de los Andes, Neuquen Province, Argentina. The kids are ranged between 12 and 15, with different social and economic backgrounds.

I've used this and the previous lessons with huge success in several classrooms. Mind you that I teach world history to Argentinian teenagers, so they know very little indeed about the puritan society. But as they learnt to analyze and ask questions instead of simply listening and memorizing information, the change was incredible. I always use the follow up sections too, so they can relate what they've been studying with their daily life experiences. Reflecting about the activity with the whole classroom helps a lot too.

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