Another Side of Howard: Music

Howard, as well as being a writer, is also a composer, musician, artisan, carpenter, creator, craftsman and all around nice guy.

(This comment is from his son, Rob, whose word is not to be trusted on this subject. HLB)

Here is a link to his works, freely accessible and offered for non-commercial use. Three of the headings below are for music scores. With a couple of exceptions, each score also has an accompanying MIDI audio file generated from the score, so you can get some idea of how the score sounds.

Note: The files are stored in Dropbox cloud service, so may take a bit long to download. Some audio files (MIDI and other) will require you to select "open" (upper right corner of window) after download.

          Some performances by the geezer.

          Sacred music collection

                           (Scores and MIDI audio files for about 140 anthems and other selections in various styles).

          Check out:   Topical Folders/ Spirituals/ Every Time I Feel the Spirit;

                            Topical Folders/ Stewardship/ Five Loaves

                            Topical Folders/ y-Service music/ Irish Benediction SATB mod harm

                            Topical Folders/ y-Service music/ Kyrie                 

          Secular music,

                            (Scores and MIDI audio files for jazz quartet arrangements, some original pieces.)

          Check out:     Rain Witches

                              Quartet arrangements/ Shenandoah

                              Songs--Marion's lyrics (three compositions)

          Christmas cantata

                            ...written by Marion Brady and his friend, Tom McMullen (1961) (ed. and some accomp. by HLB.

Woodworking designs album